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Charleston SC male strippers

Brides and Bachelorettes gangs in Charleston SC Male Strippers
Fun story from Bookings and Faq / Details

Charleston SC Male strippers

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If you want to book a male dancer or book a male stripper you have found the place.  Getting to the important details first, male strip shows are 150.00$ and serving Charleston SC male strippers Link

Fun story 

This story is from a show this year in downtown Charleston SC on a Thursday night.  I arrived to the location on time and met the bridemaids at the residence outside.  They instructed me to get change and then follow them to a nearby separate location, I was like ok.  The costume is not what you should wear in public and I had to cross a parking lot in it.  I was asked how far do we need to walk? Noooo, oh okay. After entering the main building the girls casually walked back in and 2 minutes later I come in music blasting Ginuwine Pony twirling.  The bride looks up with a shock first, dis please next and last a okay we are doing this.  There were about 20-30 people in the room, most of them engaged and about 5 or more casually in the back of room looking but very uninvolved. The bachelorette could not escape, her friends made sure she was there and center stage. Nervous as I always am, I dance while feeling the crowd out to a group from NYC and nearby locations.  The bride was like get me out of here so making the best out of situation I gave her a few minutes and made my way around to the rowdy bunch.  The best shows are engaged, don't hold back and more like men for the hour.  Sometimes I would walk up to give a dance to the crowd or I was wondering if I booked the gig myself.  There were whirls twirls rolls folds and wwe at times  As the male strip show was winding down the bride finally got engaged for the last song respectfully and all was well. The show was great, the crowd was happy, gave me no breaks as they should since it is their night and done.  After, I casually changed back to streetwear, we talked and went about my way.  Some shows are fun and some are laid back, both are appreciated.

Charleston SC Male Strippers 

Get the night started here or end the celebration with the hottest and athletic male stripper in Charleston SC.  The shows last from 35 minutes to 90 minutes and tips are appreciated. You can book the male strip show in advance or the day of but give the male dancer some time to prepare and travel to your location. The party can be held at any private location and is a private party event.  Everyone at the party needs to be 18 or older.  The bride will always be the centerpiece but if she lacks interest than the dancer and make their way through the crowd.  Can crowd touch, will the dancer go nude, can I make special request ask the dancer when he has arrived. What is the easiest way to book?  Just call the number in link, email, text or DM.  What happens in the shows stays private. If the show needs to be a surprised that is the norm and after booking a male stripper, the details on the surprise can be figured out.

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Charleston SC male strippers

Brides and Bachelorettes gangs in Charleston SC Male Strippers Fun story from Bookings and Faq / Details Charleston SC male strippers | Char...